Dienstag, 8. April 2014

8 weeks left.

Well, I guess it's time ! I know that a lot of germans are reading my blog and my parents, but you still should be able to figure out what I am trying to say. It's just this one post in english.
Well, today in exactly eight weeks I'm already on my way home. The plane from Newark will have left the airport and I'm almost home.
A lot of people ask me how I feel about that. Going home, if I'm excited or not. To be honest, I don't really know what to feel. I am excited to see all my friends and family, my room, Berlin and Germany again but I'm said, too. Grand Rapids became my home. I don't say that I enjoyed every moment, I had bad days and I had really good days. Fact is, I'm gonna miss it and I really really really want to come back to visit my 2nd family again. Yesterday, My hostdad and me talked about me leaving. I never ever experienced him like this. He was really upset and I think that he had tears in his eyes. He had trouble to find words so I just hugged him :D But it touched me. I mean, it REALLY touched me. I almost started to cry but I didn't want to make it worse than it already was.
I love my hostfamily and they love me. I feel like a real family member. I appreciate every single thing we did. Every coin they invested in me.
They are just great.

If every exchange student would have such a great hostfamily like I do, they would have a great year.

That's it. I just wanted to say, time is running. I don't want to go. But I want to go.  I'm trying to enjoy every single day that I have left but I'm super excited to come home.

Oh and if my hostfamily reads this - Thank's guys !

p.s  Achso und meine deutschen : ihr seid trotzdem noch die besten von allen, besonders meine eltern ! Ich liebe keinen mehr als euch alle !

See ya' .


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  1. God idea to write everything in english this time. I did understand and try to answer. Yes time is running. I think you're doing right in trying to enjoy every single day. Soon you mye enjoy everyg single minute...
    I feel happy for you because it seems to me that you have had a fantastic time. And a nice hostfamily. Just keep on with everything.

    Best whishes from Sanni